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How to organize seasonal decor with FREE printable labels for your storage boxes and tubs

Let’s minimize and organize your seasonal decorations once and for all.

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Step 1 – Focus on keeping just the decor items that you LOVE and bring you the most joy.

I just took down our Christmas decor. Except for my winter tree… this is a thing, right? I can keep a plain, un-decorated tree up for the winter. I’m making it a thing.

Anyway… I decided to:

Re-Evaluate and Declutter BEFORE putting decor away for the season

The key to decluttering and prioritizing seasonal decor? Lay it ALL out:

How to sort, prioritize, and minimize seasonal decorations - lay everything out in one spot before putting into storage until next season.

As you can see from the photo above, the situation in my home was REAL.

I sent two paper bags to our local donation center this year. My home decor style has changed over the last 10 years, and I had LOTS of Christmas decoration I knew would never be used again.

It’s silly to haul out 5 tubs of Christmas decorations, when you really only use 3 or 4.

As you take down your seasonal decor, look at what you didn’t use that season – what was left in the tub? Do you think you’ll use it again in the next 5 years?

If not, feel free to donate.

Step 2 – Focus on Seasons and Multi-Seasonal Decor Items

Focus on decorating for the season, and not just a specific holiday. Spring decor lasts longer than Easter decor. Winter decorations can stay up much longer than Christmas decorations can.

Also, buy decor pieces than can serve double-duty.

I have lots of greenery items that can double for multiple holidays and seasons. Boxwood, lamb’s ear, and magnolia leaves make fantastic backdrops for other seasonal pieces and can be used season after season.

I have lots of greenery items that can double for multiple holidays and seasons. Boxwood, lamb's ear, and magnolia leaves are great for multi-season decor.

I’ve also gotten in the habit of making reversible decor items. Try wrapping seasonal signs in decorative paper or paint the back of them. Then you can just flip them around when the seasons change.

Step 3 – Limit yourself to a specified amount of space

Another way to keep the amount of seasonal decor items is to set a space limit for yourself. Say “I get ONE tub for spring, ONE tub for summer, TWO tubs for fall, and THREE tubs for Christmas and winter.” That’s it.

sorting and storing Christmas decorations

Then force yourself to stick to it. Anything that doesn’t fit into that set space either can’t be brought into the house in the first place, or needs to be donated.

My methods may seem ruthless. Unless you have unlimited storage space, or want to drown in bins and boxes, it has to be done. Trust me. Holidays are so much more enjoyable when you’re not drowning in clutter.

Labels for Your Seasonal Decor Totes (FREE Printable)

To grab these printable labels, just click this download button:

How to print and use these labels:

You have a couple of options here:

  1. Print onto full sheet white sticker paper
  2. Laminate each label (with a machine if you have access to one, or self-seal laminating pouches) and secure to the tote with double-sided tape or velcro dots
Making labels for seasonal decor tubs

I prefer option #2, since I can re-use the labels year after year. I write on the laminated labels with Sharpie marker, then wipe it clean with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.

A note on storage tubs:

Yes, my seasonal decor items are minimized and organized. NO I do NOT have perfectly coordinated tubs. That’s totally OK by me.

I have a mismatched set of airtight containers that I have collected over time. I know there are pictures on Pinterest and Instagram that may compel you to go buy 25 new bins, but please DON’T! You don’t need to.

Whatever you have is perfectly fine! Don’t feel like you need to compete with picture-perfect social media images.

Happy organizing, friends – It’s so worth it!

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