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If you’re looking for a classic, timeless, and fresh green paint for your next home project, give Magnolia Green paint from Magnolia Home a try.

Color Spotlight_ Magnolia Green paint by Magnolia Home

I’ve recently been having a bit of a paint color love obsession over Magnolia Green. It just seems like the perfect natural green color. It’s not too trendy, but still seems fresh with the botanical and house plant trend. Jo says, “It’s fresh, it’s simple, and it’s timeless”.

Magnolia Green Paint

When we first moved into our home, I ripped out all of the upstairs carpet. It all just had to go. I was pleasantly surprised to find original hardwood under the upstairs carpet – even though the upstairs addition was added many years after the main level hardwood floors were installed.  So, instead of going carpet shopping, I had the upstairs floors professionally refinished. But then  I decided to do our stairs myself. I couldn’t be happier with our Magnolia Green stairs!

Magnolia Green by Joanna Gaines Paint - DIY Painted Stairs

I also used a bit of my leftover green to paint the photo mats on the white square frames in our stairway gallery wall.

Green stairs and neutral gallery wall

If you’re ready to commit to Magnolia Green paint on a larger scale, here are two rooms to give you major design inspiration:

Magnolia green paint on bathroom walls

(source: Country Living)

Magnolia green paint on living room walls

(source: Magnolia)

If you’re ready to give Magnolia green paint a try on a smaller scale, grab a quart of chalk paint and give a piece of furniture a bright and refreshing makeover.

Magnolia green painted garden table

(source: saw nail & paint)

Magnolia green painted side table

(source: saw nail & paint)

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Paint Color: Magnolia Green Paint by Magnolia Home

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Keep Your Home Paint Colors Organized with This Handy Printable

How to Keep Track of Paint Colors in Your Home - Free Printable home paint colors chart

Now that you’ve painted a room, or two, or three… Don’t let those paint cans stack up in an chaotic mess. Use this free printable color chart to keep track of color names, sources, and sheen. You’ll never struggle to match paint for touch-ups again.

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