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Grab some edible ink markers and let the little bakers help make this kids art birthday cake.

Kids Artwork Birthday Cake: Grab some edible ink markers and let the little bakers help make this kids art birthday cake.

Kids Art Birthday Cake

We recently celebrated my mom’s birthday (it was a BIG milestone, but I won’t share an exact number here for the whole world to read). My kiddos LOVE doing special things for family members on birthdays and other holidays. Handmade really is the way to go for these two. They are always drawing pictures to give to family and friends.

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So… After discovering edible ink markers, I thought we should take their artwork to a new medium: cake. This was a perfect way for the kids to combine their passion for art and their passion for sugar… all for an extra special birthday cake for grandma!

kids artwork on cake with edible ink markers

Supplies needed to make this fun cake:

How to make an edible ink birthday cake:

  1. Generously dust your work surface with powdered sugar. rolling out fondant for a birthday cake
  2. Roll the fondant out into a circle. **I made mine just a little larger than the cake, with the intention of cutting it down to size later. The idea was that this would be a round topper for the cake. But once the kids decorated the fondant, I didn’t have the heart to cut off any of their precious artwork. rolling out white fondant in a circle
  3. Using a spatula, make sure the fondant isn’t sticking to your work surface. Add more powdered sugar if needed.
  4. Grab your edible ink makers, and let the creativity flow. Just remind the kiddos to use gentle pressure on the fondant. drawing on fondant with edible ink markers
  5. Trim the fondant, if desired. Then use a spatula to transfer to the cake.

Don’t forget to pin this cake idea for later:

Edible Ink Birthday Cake - make this customized artwork cake, perfect for the kids to help make

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