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Whether you have a large office space or looking to turn one of the small spaces in your home into an office, I have some of the best Ikea home office hacks for you to try. The Ikea furniture and products below will help you turn any space into the perfect office space!

Home Office Ikea Hacks

There are a number of Ikea products to suit any and all office needs. From built-in shelves to unique storage ideas, the ideas below will help you create a fully functional workspace.

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Type the word “Ikea” into my search bar above, and you’ll quickly see how much I love the idea behind their furniture and products. Since I’ve touched on just about every other area of the home, I wanted to make sure to give you some ideas for giving your home office space an Ikea upgrade.


I’ve always said that when you’re on a budget, go to Ikea! This was especially true when I needed a quick solution to my kid’s ever-growing train collection. I headed to Ikea and ended up making a train and activity table.

When it comes to making a functional workspace, the same rule can apply. That’s why I rounded up some of the best, most inexpensive ideas for you to try in your home office space.


If you’ve ever spent any amount of time in Ikea, then you can answer this question without hesitation. However, if you’ve been hesitant, then allow me to share a few reasons why I (and lots of others) love Ikea!

For starters, Ikea furniture is well made. This means you don’t have to worry about purchasing something for it to only last a year (or less). It’s durable and easy to self-assemble.

Ikea furniture is also versatile. It complements every decor style. Not to mention, it’s easy to mix and match with other pieces. And the best thing about Ikea is its affordability. They cost about half the price of other competitors! I’ll gladly take that!

Ikea Home Office Hacks

I searched high and low, here are my top picks!

The Best Ikea Desk Hacks – Setups to Create Functional Workspaces

1. Ikea Ivar Standing Desktop and Work Space (Crafting Room Inspiration)

Ikea Ivar Standing Desk

Source: Ikea Ivar Standing Desk and Work Space by Paper & Stitch

Standing desk workspaces are becoming increasingly popular, and rightfully so. Not only for health and wellness purposes but standing desks also provide a unique option for a variety of jobs that require standing versus sitting.

Bonus: the cabinets beneath provide plenty of extra storage space for office or craft supplies. And if you don’t like the style of these unfinished Ikea cabinets, feel free to stain them… or buy any pre-fab kitchen cabinets you like.

2. Butcher Block Countertops and Ikea Drawer Unit Desk

Butcher Block and Ikea Drawer Unit Desk

Source: Butcher Block and Ikea Drawer Unit Desk by Beneath My Heart

When you need a lot of desk space, creating it yourself is as easy as grabbing a butcher block (or any other countertop material) from Lowe’s and two drawer units from Ikea. Butcher blocks come in a variety of sizes, starting with 4 feet all the way up to 8 feet, making customizing a large desk super easy!

3. Custom DIY Desk with Cane Drawer Front

Custom Desk with Cane Drawer Fronts

Source: Custom Desk with Cane Drawer Front by Brepurposed Design

Love the functionality of Ikea’s Alex drawers but would rather have them look a bit differently? Brepurposed Design took a pair of Alex drawers and turned them into something super vintage and stylish. Follow her tutorial to a “T” or use it to inspire a similar upgrade of your own.

4. DIY Slim Computer Desk with Hairpin Table Legs

Ikea Hack : Slim Desk

Source: DIY Slim Desk with Hairpin Legs by Undeclared Panache

This super cute Ikea hack uses an Alex shelf with added wood pieces and hairpin legs. It doesn’t take up much space and is ideal for unique workspaces like behind a living room couch (pictured above).

5. Easy DIY Project: Live Edge Ikea Desk Hack with Trestle Legs

Live Edge Desk with Trestle Legs

Source: Live Edge Desk with Trestle Legs by Remodelaholic

The Ikea Lerberg Trestle Legs can give any piece of wood a beautiful upgrade. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn just how easy it is to assemble these and make a work desk you’ll be proud of.

Ikea Office Storage Ideas

1. Store regularly-used office supplies on pegboards

Ikea Pegboard Home Office Storage

Source: Store regularly-used office supplies on pegboards by Jessica Welling Interiors

Clear up some desk space by taking regularly-used office supplies and putting them in storage that hangs from pegboards. Add some shelf brackets, wall-mount organizers, and a few other gadgets to create a clean work station while keeping your must-have supplies in arms reach.

2. Home Office Cube Storage

Home Office Cube Storage

Source: Home Office Cube Storage by Rambling Renovators

Decluttering just got a lot easier with this home office cube storage idea by Rambling Renovators. She uses Ikea Kallax cubes to make an organized workspace worth working in.

3. Use a Raskog Utility Cart for Office Supplies

Use a Raskog Utility Cart for Office Supplies

Source: Use a Raskog Utility Cart for Office Supplies by Home Talk

Depending on what you need to store, a rolling utility cart can be your best friend. These are typically ideal for crafters, artists, teachers, and other businesses that may require you to work on the move.

Ikea Home Office Built Ins

1. Billy Bookcase Office Built Ins

Billy Bookcase Office Built Ins

Source: Billy Bookcase Office Built Ins by Southern Revivals

This Billy bookcase hack will easily give you the wall bookshelf look you’ve been wanting but for a fraction of the cost. Check out this tutorial to see how Southern Revivals gave their office the makeover of their dreams.

2. Built in Office with Plenty of Storage

Home office with green painted ikea built in cabinets and shelves

Source: Built in Office with Plenty of Storage by Making Joy and Pretty Things

Plenty of storage is the highlight of this Idea hack idea. When you have space and want to keep plenty of it, using a built-in office just may be the solution you need.

3. Ikea Cabinet Home Office Built Ins

Ikea Hack : Slim Desk

Source: Ikea Cabinet Home Office Built Ins by Undeclared Panache

This hack makes the list twice because it uses an Ikea cabinet to build a functioning desk. Take this idea and run with it!


Were these not some of the best, cutest, and most doable Ikea office hack ideas? I’m personally taking a few notes of things I’d like to try and I’m curious to know what you’ll be trying as well!


Ikea Home Office Hacks


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