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Fair warning: things are going to get a little sentimental on the blog today:

My childhood summers were spent in North Dakota with extended family.  This meant that my sister and I spent weeks with my mom’s parents – Grandma and Grandpa Schill.  Nights were spent in our “fort” under the stairs, while our days were filled running around the garden, playing in the sandbox, or helping Grandma in the house with cooking and quilting.  Grandpa Schill was a welder, and sometimes my sister would go with him to the shop.  I was too afraid of the equipment, so this meant I got Grandma all to myself.  These were the best days.  Days of strawberry pie, filled with fresh strawberries from the garden, hand-made quilts, daily Mass, coloring books, and anything that the garden hose could wash off my little hands and feet.

Framed Recipe Cards and a Bright and White Farmhouse Kitchen

When Grandma Schill passed away, my mom kept some of her old recipe cards.  I get a chuckle out of her shorthand.  One recipe calls for “butter size of egg” – evidence of a different generation’s less precise method of cooking.

Framed Recipe Cards

I asked my mom for three recipe cards to frame and display in my kitchen.  I matted the recipe cards on brown scrapbook-quality cardstock.  I didn’t want to do anything that may damage these precious keepsakes.

So many people comment and ask about these framed recipe cards.  It makes me smile, as I get to tell them proudly that these recipes came from my Grandma.

Framed Recipe Cards and a Simple Bright Farmhouse Kitchen

So now I have a little memory from Grandma Schill hanging prominently in my kitchen.  They are a daily reminder of all the wonderful summer days we spent together.

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Framed Recipe Cards - display favorite family recipes for sentimental kitchen wall decor

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  1. Love this! I like that it draws you in so you want to take a closer look. 🙂 I have a frame I just hung in my kitchen and I was considering doing this but hadn’t decided for sure what to put in it yet, you just help make up my mind!

  2. This is a bit late… by 2 years. Oh well.

    O. M. G. ! ! ! What a FABULOUS idea! I have – specifically asked for – my grandmother’s recipe box. Since I was the only girl therefore the only one who cooked with her, it is a treasure for me. I can think of 2 recipes off the top of my head that I’m going to pull & frame for my new house! I may even scan, print & frame for my daughter and niece. Maybe a cousin or two! You ROCK!

  3. I wish I had thought of doing this before my oldest daughter passed way! She was a great cook and my other daughters and grand daughters would have loved to have some of her recipes framed.

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  5. What did you use to mount them to the scrapbook paper? I have some cards and hate to risk messing them up by using a straightpin to mount in a shadow box or tape on the back.

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