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Small Kitchen? Get your baking supplies organized in a baking storage cabinet. Convert a wardrobe or armoire into functional and beautiful pantry storage.

baking supply storage in antique wardrobe

Check out this Organized Baking Storage Cabinet

The Beginning of my Baking Storage Pantry DIY

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It all started when I saw two coordinating hutches listed on Facebook Marketplace. See, our new kitchen is teeny-tiny, and will never have enough cabinet space. I knew I needed to get creative with extra dining room storage.

I rented a Menards pickup truck, but when I got there, one of the hutches was already sold (an honest mix-up, since he had like 9 Ethan Allen hutches to sell). Then I spotted an antique wardrobe in the back corner. I tried to act super disappointed, while my dad acted like we shouldn’t buy anything at all. All-in-all, I walked away with two Ethan Allen hutches and this antique wardrobe for $170. What a deal!

antique wardrobe

I decided to use the hutches elsewhere, and use my new antique wardrobe for added pantry space in the dining room.

The Shelving Dilemma

I needed to add shelves, but I definitely do NOT possess expert carpentry skills. I knew that a track shelving system of some sort would be my best bet.

I knew one thing for certain: I did NOT want white track shelving and laminate shelves. No. No. No!

So, I was able to find tan-colored track shelving that I thought would blend better with the wood stain and cut custom shelving at The Home Depot.

Supplies Needed to Add Shelves to an Antique Wardrobe

Here’s exactly what I used:

  • 1 x 4″ board – cut to appropriate length, for a back vertical support
  • wood stain – something that closely matches your wardrobe
  • L-brackets & screws
  • track shelving hardware: I used 6 of these 30-in shelftracks and 12 of these 16-in D-brackets
  • 2-inch screws
  • drill & drill bits
  • large 1/2-inch plywood board, cut down to the dimensions of your wardrobe. I cut mine to the width of the wardrobe and about 3-inches less than the depth.
  • primer
  • paint – any color you like (or even stain) – I used Sherwin Williams SeaSalt
  • paint brush

How to Add Shelves to an Antique Wardrobe

  1. Cut the 1×4 to length to act as a back vertical support in the middle of the wardrobe. Sand and stain it to match the wardrobe.  staining wood for shelf support
  2. Secure the 1x4s in the center of the wardrobe back using l-brackets and screws.
  3. Add the shelftracks using 2-inch screws – 3-across the back of the wardrobe. I attached them to both sides and the 1×4 in the middle. shelftrack system in an antique wardrobe
  4. Sand your plywood shelves and prime. Once the primer has dried, apply two coats of paint.
  5. Let the paint dry completely before mounting them on the D-brackets.
  6. About the D-brackets: I used the nickel finish, instead of the white, which are technically for closets and not kitchens. They have a little hook along the back for shelving. Just bend that down with pliers so that your shelf sits level. customizing d-brackets for pantry

My Organized Baking Supplies

Organized Baking Supplies in an antique wardrobe

Once I had my shelves in place, I quickly filled up my new pantry cabinet with all of my baking supplies. I love having all of my baking essentials in one spot! And p.s. – how gorgeous are my new pantry jar labels? They’re a quick and easy DIY.

Follow this tutorial to customize your own DIY pantry labels. Using a cricut machine and black vinyl, you can make your own glass jar labels for your kitchen.

organized baking supplies and pantry shelves

organized pantry cabinet shelves

Organized Baking Storage Cabinet

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