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Get the look for a fraction of the price with these Anthropologie knock off decor DIYs and project tutorials.

Anthropologie Knock Off Decor Projects

Anthropologie carries such gorgeous decor items, but their price tags are often outside my comfort zone. If you’re trying to decorate your home on a budget, I have some stunning Anthropologie knock-off decor DIYs to show you!

So many of Anthropologie’s items can be DIYed pretty easily at home. The tutorials I’m sharing below will take you step-by-step through the creation process and ensure your projects come out looking amazing.

Even if you can’t afford to shop Anthro items, it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace their style. Luckily, there are others who have already found clever ways to make Anthropologie dupes which is perfect for those of us who don’t feel like experimenting. Happy crafting!

My Favorite Anthropologie Knock-Off Projects:

1. So Pretty Pom-Pom Pillow DIY

Anthropologie Knock Off Pom Pom Pillow

A selection of gorgeous pillows can completely transform your living room. If you’re up for a basic DIY, this pom-pom Pillow DIY from Stone Gable Blog is inspired by an Anthropologie pillow. You can easily change the colors to match your couch or keep it neutral like the original.

2. Column Coffee Table DIY

Column Coffee Table DIY

Anthropologie always carries simple furniture pieces that still manage to make a statement. This column coffee table from Francois Et Moi is one of those pieces which can be easily DIYed and it’s totally worth it!

3. Anthropologie Inspired Illustrated Vases

Anthropologie Inspired Illustrated Vases

Colorful vases can bring life into any room of your home. Craftberry Bush has a fun painting tutorial using glass paint you can follow to make vibrant DIY floral vases inspired by Anthropologie.

4. Anthropologie-Inspired Cheese Board

DIY Anthropologie Cheese Board

I’m a total sucker for any project that involves floral watercolor painting. It’s a skill that seems so easy, yet my painting would never look this good. Check out this cheese board tutorial from Jen Woodhouse.

5. Anthropologie Knock Off Decor Curtain Tie-Backs

Anthro Inspired Curtain Tie Back

You can give your living room a quick and frugal refresh with a small project like these lovely DIY curtain tie-backs from Up To Date Interiors. It’s an easy way to add some glam accents to your curtains!

Related: Check out these nautical rope curtain ties I made for our upstairs hallway.

6. Trendy DIY Blanket Ladder (Anthropologie Dupe)

Trendy DIY Blanket Ladder (Anthropologie Dupe)

Blanket ladders are super trendy at the moment. They add storage space, they are decorative, and they don’t make the room feel cluttered. The blogger, If Only April, has an exceptionally easy tutorial for a DIY blanket ladder inspired by Anthropologie you can’t go wrong with.

7. Anthropologie Inspired Hanging Letter Holder

Anthropologie Inspired Hanging Letter Holder

Jaime Costiglio created a beautiful hanging letter holder with gold accents based on an Anthropologie one. The original one is metal and the DIY version is made from wood, because it’s much easier to work with for most of us.

8. Anthropologie Inspired Basket Planters With Legs

Anthropologie Inspired Basket Planters With Legs

Your plants will definitely shine in these cute DIY basket planters from Tater Tots And Jello. The copycat has white legs and paint dipped baskets, a refreshing update which I love!

9. DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Scarf Hanger

DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Scarf Hanger

Displaying your wardrobe can add an eclectic vibe to the surrounding space.  Try a quick Anthropologie hack like this modern DIY scarf hanger from The Merry Thought to show off your cutest scarves.

10. Anthropologie Gilded Octopus Knockoff

Anthropologie Gilded Octopus Knockoff

A shiny golden octopus will add a touch of glam decor to your coffee table this summer. Craftberry Bush made this Anthropologie-inspired gilded octopus, and I think it’s absolutely adorable.

11. DIY Wildflower Dinner Plates

Anthropologie Knock Off Dinner Plate

If you’re good with a paint brush, this DIY decor project is right up your alley. Grab plain white plates and some gloss enamel paint, and you’re in business with this tutorial from Bower Power Blog.

12. Anthropologie Style DIY Oyster Shell Trinket Dish

Anthropologie Style DIY Oyster Shell Trinket Dish

These Chinoiserie-inspired oyster shell trinket dishes are an amazing Anthropologie hack courtesy of A Piece Of Rainbow. An easy Mod Podge craft you can try on a relaxing afternoon. They are also perfect as gifts!

13. Floral Globe Anthropologie Knock Off Decor

Floral Quote Globe Anthropologie Hack

I can see this DIY floral quote globe decorating a girl’s room. It’s the kind of item that makes your day a little bit better just by looking at it. Anthropologie no longer carries it, but the DIY option from A Joyful Riot is still on the table.

14. Make A Macramé Table Runner

Anthro Inspired Macramé Table Runner

The DIY Mommy made this delicate macramé table runner inspired by Anthropologie and shared the step-by-step instructions. It takes a long time to make but once you learn the basic knots it could also be relaxing to make curled up with a good movie or podcast.

15. DIY 3D Graphic Planter (Anthropologie Knock-Off)

DIY 3D Graphic Planter (Anthropologie Knock-Off)

This 3D graphic planter Anthropologie knock-off from Club Crafted is such a bright and fun piece of décor. Air dry clay is used to create the letters, and you can apply the same technique to create any other message you’d like.

16. Anthropologie Knockoff Kitchen Towel

Anthropologie Knockoff Kitchen Towel

Grab a plain kitchen towel and some decorative fringe, and get sewing. This super easy knock-off macrame dish towel is the brain child of blog The Chronicles of Home.

17. Painted Floral Tea Towel

Painted Floral Tea Towel

And here’s yet another painted floral knock off. Grab a plain white towel and some fabric paint, and the design possibilities are just about endless for this floral painted tea towel.

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