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Let’s go shopping for Walmart craft supplies. I’m sharing what’s in my craft stash right now, along with my money-saving tips when shopping for your next craft project.

Let's go shopping for Walmart craft supplies. I'm sharing what's in my craft stash right now, along with my money-saving tips when shopping for your next craft project.

What’s in my craft stash right now – paint, faux greenery, craft blanks, kids crafts, and more!

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How to Shop at Walmart for Craft Supplies

Ok, this part is important. Not all Walmart stores are the same.

The Walmart nearest to me actually has a teeny-tiny craft section. So, a couple of times per year I drive to a larger Walmart store to stock up on craft supplies.

Or, better yet – you can order online. As a pretty consistent Amazon customer, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the shipping/delivery rates and times for Walmart.

Are Walmart Craft Supplies Cheaper than the Craft Store?

I hate to cop out on this one, but here’s the truth: it depends. The trick with craft store shopping is simple: coupons. If you need one special supply or item, and it’s full-price, and you have a 40% off coupon, the craft store is a better option.

BUT – for some basics and essentials to keep in your stash at all times, I prefer Walmart.

Here’s what I have in my craft stash right now.

My Favorite Walmart Craft Supplies – the Basics

Here are my basics that I ALWAYS have on hand in my craft room:

Waverly Chalk Paint

I’ve never used this on a larger project, so I can’t testify to it’s quality when used on furniture, but for smaller craft projects it can’t be beat. The coverage is SO much better than with acrylic craft paint, so you can often use just use one coat. This saves me a TON of time by not having to wait between coats of paint to dry. Check out all of the colors available here.

Apple Barrel Paint

I used to wait until paint went on sale at the craft store. Now, I just buy the inexpensive Apple Barrel paint from Walmart. It’s great for little painted projects – especially all of my seasonal dollar store crafts and crafts that I make with the kids.

Paint Brushes

I recently started using some wide brushes from Walmart, and I’ve been incredibly happy with the quality. I also like multi packs of inexpensive foam brushes to use as throw-aways when working with stains or anything oil-based.

Faux Greenery

This is probably something you’ll need to look for in store, since the online selection isn’t as great.

Canning Jars

I use mason jars for everything – not just crafting – in our home. Drinking glasses, food storage, water jar for washing paint brushes, and painting them with chalk paint for various craft projects. You can find a variety of sizes and styles at Walmart.

Walmart Craft Blanks for Cricut and Silhouette


Walmart is hands-down my favorite place to shop for solid (color or neutral) t-shirts for making iron-on decals. I really been liking these shirts lately.

Signs & Wood Boards/Letters

This is another one that you really should browse in the store, but here are a few of my favorites online:

Cups and Water Bottles

Online is a great place to buy blanks like mugs, tumblers, and water bottles, since you can order in bulk to make sure you have enough.

Kids Craft Supplies at Walmart

Foam Sheets and Felt

Give your kids foam sheets and a pair of scissors, and they can be entertained for hours! Just be sure to buy the adhesive foam sheets.

Sticker Sheets

No kids craft supply stash is complete without stickers, and Walmart is a great place to stock up.

Slime Supplies

I banned slime from our house quite a while back (after an incident involving our living room rug) but Elmer’s glue at Walmart is reasonable priced, and comes in a huge selection of types and colors.


What NOT to buy at Walmart:

Here are a few things I typically do NOT buy from Walmart:

  • Ribbon – it’s cheaper at Dollar Tree or the craft store, where it often goes on sale
  • Wreath Forms and Foam – way cheaper at Dollar Tree
  • Canvas – I always buy these in 10-packs when they go on sale at the craft store.
  • Larger or Specialty Craft Supplies – when I can get them with a 40% off coupon from the craft store. But don’t be afraid to shop around and price-compare. It only takes a few seconds with a quick online search.

More tips for craft shopping, sources, and deals:

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