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Now that’s spring is upon us, I’m so excited to pack away the colder weather decor and get ready for spring.  One of my favorite parts of spring?  Easter!  Growing up, Easter was the perfect time to celebrate and spend time with family.  And now?  Easter is also a wonderful time to add beautiful decor to our homes.  This vintage easter watercolor art print would be a perfect touch to your home.  And even better?  It’s free!  Want to learn more?  Keep on reading below!


Hi Crazy Craft Lady readers! My name is Cynthia, and I’m the DIY loving mama behind the blog, Home Beautifully.  Over at Home Beautifully, we’re all about easy-to-follow tutorials to create beautiful and organized homes.  And doing that on a budget?  Absolutely!  So printable art?  We LOVE it.  (This beautiful watercolor art heart print, for example, is a huge hit!). I’m thrilled to be here today to showcase this vintage easter art print, free for you to download.

Beautiful Vintage Easter Watercolor Art Print

This gorgeous watercolor art print is a digital watercolor on textured watercolor paper.  (Anyone else just love interesting paper textures?  I’m such a sucker for them!)

Vintage Easter Print

The print features two sweet bunnies, nestled towards each other.  The bunnies are painted with digital watercolors in soft, farmhouse friendly tones.  The muted, springtime hues of the print nod to sweet vintage style spring art as well.

This vintage Easter watercolor art print is totally free for Crazy Craft Lady subscribers.  To download it, just enter your email below, and the complimentary print will be waiting for ya in your inbox.  Easy!


Hanging Your Free Vintage Easter Watercolor Print

This watercolor art printable is formatted as a standard 8 by 10-inch picture, which will make it easy for you to print.  If you’d like, you can easily print this vintage Easter watercolor on a color printer at home and trim it to size.

Or, for a few dollars, you can send this to your local office supply store or pharmacy to print.  Easy!

Vintage Easter Print

To frame your print, pop it into a cute, springtime frame.  The frames below are gorgeous and would beautiful with this vintage Easter watercolor.  I’ll include them below with affiliate links so you can check ‘em out.


Thanks so much for checking out this vintage Easter watercolor art print.  I hope you love it as much as I do and it finds a beautiful spot in your home.  Pop a comment below with ideas for other seasonal prints you may have.  We’d love to make them for you!


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  1. This site is soooo wonderful.
    Always excited to see what she has put together, and offers to us.
    You are very talented, and crafty!

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