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Grab a couple of potatoes and some craft paint to make this adorable potato stamp valentine craft – perfect to gift to grandparents on the 14th.

Valentine's Arts & Crafts - a Valentine for Grandparents

Make a Valentine for Grandparents with potato stamps and paint. Give a custom photo mat make by the kids this Valentine’s Day.

This project is a bit of a craft fail.  Proof that not all crafts turn out picture-perfect over here in blog world.  This one really is my fault.  After all, I was the one who gave a pair of two-year-olds paint and potato stamps.  What did I really expect?  Fine art?

Don’t get me wrong.  We had a TON of fun.  I cut a potato in half, and carved two heart-shaped stamps into each half.  Then, I taped a roll of craft paper to the dining table, and the twins went to town.

Bottom Line: This project is great for older kiddos… or for toddlers with plenty of adult supervision.

Valentine's Arts & Crafts - a Valentine for Grandparents

Everything started out really great.  I showed the twins how to dip the potato stamp into the paint, and then make heart shapes on the paper. 

We quickly discovered that it would be much quicker to just rub the potato stamp around on the paper – much like a brush.  Instead of cute pink and red hearts, we had blobs and smears.  It eventually got to the point that the paper was beginning to warp and wear away.

I decided to let the kids have a “messy” version and a “clean” version that I helped guide them on.  We stamped enough craft paper to make four 8.5″ by 11″ sheets.

Valentine's Arts & Crafts - a Valentine for Grandparents

Then, I printed 4×6 pictures of the twins doing their project.  I cropped down the pictures and then taped them to the painted craft paper, which served as a “frame.”

Simple enough!  I wrote the holiday and year on the back with a Sharpie, as I do with all grandparent holiday crafts and gifts.

And hey, maybe with a little bit of practice, we will have mastered potato art by next Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine's Arts & Crafts - a Valentine for Grandparents

Valentine's Arts & Crafts - a Valentine for Grandparents

Valentine's Day Potato Stamp Art

Here's a simple Valentine's Day craft for the kids - heart potato stamp art. This is a great way for the kids to make handmade Valentine's Day gifts for grandparents.


  • roll of plain white paper
  • masking tape
  • potatoes
  • sharp knife (grown-ups only!!)
  • red and white acrylic craft paint
  • paper plate or other dish for paint
  • OPTIONAL: red frame and kids pictures
  • permanent marker


  1. Roll out the white paper roll on a flat surface. Use masking tape to secure the edges of the paper.
  2. Use a sharp knife to cut each potato in half. Then carve a heart shape into the flat surface of the potato half.
  3. Pour the paint onto a paper plate (or any washable dish). Help your child dip the potato stamp into the paint, and then stamp across the white paper.
  4. Once the paint has dried, cut the paper down to fit into the frame. Add a photo of your child. Use a permanent marker to write the year.


  1. Such a cute idea! Maybe I’ll steal this idea & use it for the hubby’s Valentine’s Day gift, our budget this year is $5, and I think this could work. 🙂

  2. How cute! Speaking as a ‘new’ grandma-I would absolutely LOVE getting a sweet creation like yours!! Thank you so much for sharing at The Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

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