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making an instagram gallery wall with inexpensive photo mats

Today’s agenda is simple: get those photos out of your instagram feed and into a beautiful gallery wall.

It’s easy enough.  Also, it’s an inexpensive way to make an art gallery wall with favorite family photos.  I selected 7 favorite (well, 8 favorite, but that’s another story) from this spring and early summer.  I recently painted and distressed some inexpensive craft store frames to coordinate with our new farmhouse style sofa table.  With this simple DIY project, I was able to fill those frames for under $15.

Let’s get started!

Supply List

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Here’s what you’ll need to make these gallery wall Instagram photo mats:

Arrange + Cut

Decide how you want to arrange your photos.  Lay them out.  Then cut your paper if you need to.  If you are using a pad of watercolor paper, you will likely need to trim about 1-inch off the top of the paper so that it fits into the frame.

Instagram Gallery Wall

DIY Instagram Gallery Wall

Tape + Label

Using your ruler, center each photo on the watercolor sheet.  Secure with 4 adhesive squares.

How to make an instagram art gallery wall

Label each picture with pencil.  If you struggle with centering text, try this: write your words on a scrap piece of paper.  Center the paper under your photo.  Then write the same text under between the photo and the scrap paper.

It’s that simple!  Here are my 7 Instagram photos, newly matted and framed:

DIY Sofa Table - the perfect farmhouse living room

DIY distressed painted picture frames for a gallery wall


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Use instagram photos and inexpensive DIY photo mats for a gallery wall


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