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Here are my favorite resources and YouTube channels that offer online art classes for kids. Happy making, friends!

FREE Online Art Classes for Kids: Here are my favorite resources and YouTube channels that offer online art classes for kids. Happy making!

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Arts and Crafts Tutorials for Kids:

1 -Art for Kids Hub

We discovered this channel right before Christmas of last year. As part of their Christmas gift, I gave both oy my kiddos a quality art notebook, a couple of black Sharpies, and a set of new colorful markers. It was a total hit!

My kids have spent HOURS watching easy-to-follow tutorials from this adorable family. This channel is my absolute “go-to” when the kids want to draw something specific. Ice cream cones? A dinosaur? Your favorite cartoon character? They have it all!

You can browse through their most popular playlists here.

2 – The Kitchen Table Classroom

The Kitchen Table Classroom is full of tutorials and inspiration for both kids and adults. There are step-by-step tutorials on topics like painting or printmaking, as well as printables that go along with crafty activities (animal masks and unicorn headbands are just a couple of examples).

3 – Carla Sonheim – FREE Kids Online Art Classes

Artist and author Carla Sonheim’s website is geared more toward adults, but she also has a small FREE video series for kids.

4 – Createful KIDS

This YouTube channel has tons of art and craft tutorials for kids, including lesson plans for topics like sculpting, print making, and painting:

There’s also a watercolor playlist that you shouldn’t miss:

5 – The Artful Parent

I have been a fan of The Artful Parent blog for some time now. Their YouTube channel has TONS of video tutorials for hands-on crafts and activities for families.

Art History and Education for Kids:

1 – Art with Mati & Dada

Kids are never too young to learn about art history. These lessons are perfect for elementary-age kids. Lessons about famous artists in historyare brought straight to your home by a couple of cute charters in easy to watch 7-8 minute cartoon videos.

2 – Tate Kids

Brought to you by the UK’s Tate Galleries, Tate Kids brings you films about art for kids! Videos cover both educational videos (What is Surrealism?) and tutorials (How to Paint with Chocolate).

P.S. – they also have Games & Quizzes on their website!

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