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Footprint American Flag Craft

Before I begin, let me say this:

Yes, I know.  My flags are backwards on the flagpoles.  I’m not sure what I was thinking.  Maybe this is what happens when you’re CWD – crafting while distracted.  Please know that I mean absolutely no disrespect to the flag or our country by flying my footprint flags backwards.  I’m simply an airhead who didn’t have time to re-do the footprints.  Sorry.

Ok. So it’s Independence Day!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!  The twins are still too young to stay up for fireworks, and the thought of taking them to a parade seems entirely overwhelming.  However, the X’s parents always have a big pool party, and most of their extended family hasn’t seen the twins since Easter.  So we will be heading over there shortly.

Footprint American Flag Craft

I woke up this morning, and thought it would be nice for the twins to make 4th of July cards for their grandparents.  So, with very little time, I whipped together this footprint American flag craft with the kiddos.

Since I was outnumbered this morning, I had to devise a plan to keep this as mess-free as possible.  I relied on my go-to solution for well-behaved children: bribe them with food.  I put the twins in their booster seats for breakfast.  While they were munching on frozen waffles and fruit, I quickly painted their feet.

Here’s my list of supplies:

  • paint: red, white, blue, and black
  • brushes
  • white and blue cardstock or craft paper
  • wet wipes (or a wet washcloth, but you can throw away wet wipes)
  • optional – markers and stamps – if you want to make a card

The setup:

Footprint American Flag Craft

First – paint the bottom of one foot.  Paint one quarter blue, and the other three-quarters red.  Here’s what R’s foot looked like after:

Footprint American Flag Craft

Second – carefully place paint-covered foot on a piece of white cardstock. I probably should have placed the cardstock on a clipboard or something to keep the paper from sliding around.  You may also want to make more prints than you actually need.  This was you can pick the best one(s).  Let dry.

Third – using white and black paint, paint in your stars and stripes, as well as a flag pole.  Let dry.  Add your child’s name if you would like.

Footprint American Flag Craft

Fourth – you could end your project here, but I made a card.  I trimmed down my flag prints a bit, and taped them inside a piece of blue cardstock.  Decorate the front of the card with markers and stamps if you would like.

Footprint American Flag Craft

Done!  This is a great, easy, 4th of July keepsake to make for yourself of scrapbook – or you can make a craft to give to friends or family members.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone!

 Footprint American Flag Craft


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