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These Embroidery Thread Storage Ideas are sure to help you get organized no matter the space you have to work with. They are practical, easy, and most of all – inexpensive to implement!

How to Organize Thread


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Embroidery floss is one of those supplies that if you let it take over your craft space, it can quickly become a headache.

Because of the material, keeping them less than organized may result in them becoming tangled, knotted up, and mixed up with other colors and styles. Worry no more about how to make sense of your embroidery thread with the unique ideas below!


Short answer, no. Lucky when it comes to embroidery threads, they don’t take up a lot of space. The biggest thing to figure out is how you’d like it stored for both feasability and easy access.

I personally like to work with embroidery hoops more than the floss itself since I don’t have a sewing bone in my body; however, if you are the sewing type, you gotta check out the ideas below.

Drawer Storage Ideas for Embroidery Thread

Drawers are the highlight of these ideas.

1. Golf Tees Inside of Storage Drawers

Golf Tees Inside Storage Drawers

Source: Golf Tees Inside of Storage Drawers by Sylvia’s Stitches

Golf tees are the perfect height for a traditional storage cart and for embroidery thread on a roll. Simply secure them with craft glue or super glue to make sure they stick and you’re all set to store lots of threads.

2. Clear Storage Solution For Embroidery Floss

Clear Storage Solution For Embroidery Floss

Source: Clear Storage Solution For Embroidery Floss by Y Handmade

Clear storage is always ideal as it helps you see what you have without having to go searching for it. Y Handmade shows us how to store threads by color and just how much you can fit in each drawer.

3. Card Catalog Drawer Storage

Card Catalog Drawer Storage

Source: Card Catalog Drawer Storage by 1 Dog Woof

If you just so happened to come across an old card catalog drawer, they are perfect for storing embroidery thread. You may be able to find one at a local thrift store or check with your local library to see if they are throwing one out.

DIY Embroidery Thread Storage Solutions

Short on space but want to have easy access to your embroidery thread? These solutions are for you!

1. Clothespins on a Frame

Clothespins on a Frame

Source: Clothespins on a Frame by Ameroonie Designs

Display your threads in a trendy and space-saving way by using clothespins and a frame. All you need to do is space out nails across and down the frame and use the hole of the clothespin to hang on the nail.

2. Clothespin Organizer Idea for Embroidery Floss

Clothespin Organizer Idea for Embroidery Floss

Source: Clothespin Organizer Idea for Embroidery Floss (Pinterest)

Here’s a closer look at how to wrap your embroidery thread around a clothespin. This is an easy way to keep them organized by color and to prevent them from getting entangled.

3. Repurposed Pasta Drying Rack

Repurposed Pasta Drying Rack

Source: Repurposed Pasta Drying Rack by Needle N Thread

Got an old pasta drying rack? Put it to use for storing your threads in an easy-to-reach and organized way. This is also something that can easily be built if you have the right tools and supplies on hand.

4. PVC Pipe and Bags (Floss Reel)

PVC Pipe and Bag Idea

Source: PVC Pipe and Bags (Floss Reel) (Etsy)

PVC pipe is often a hidden storage gem for crafters. When you come across a unique way to manipulate it and put pieces together, you can build something pretty amazing, like this mini structure that holds bags filled with embroidery floss.

Embroidery Thread Storage Options for Small Spaces

Space doesn’t have to be a concern. Try some of these unique ideas.

1. Scrap Pegboard with Wood Dowels

Scrap Pegboard with Wood Dowels

Source: Scrap Pegboard with Wood Dowels by Home Talk

Turn your leftover pegboard into a practical embroidery storage holder by adding a frame and wooden dowels. This is an idea that you can get pretty creative with.

2. Wrap Embroidery Around Clothespins

Wrap Embroidery Around Clothespins

Source: Wrap Embroidery Around Clothespins by A Pot A Dot

Here’s an up close view of how to utilize clothespins for individual embroidery storage. A Pot A Dot made sure to tape the thread color on the clothespin so she’d know exactly which color it was. Great idea!

3. Pins and Hanger Idea for Embroidery Floss

Pins and Hanger Idea for Embroidery Floss

Source: Pins and Hanger Idea for Embroidery Floss by Ameblo

Braided threads hung on a safety pin is a clever way to keep all your threads organized but untangled at the same time. Be sure to hang on to the hex code and attach it to the safety pin as well. Once you’ve braided them, keep them altogether on a hanger.

4. Clear Plastic Craft Organizer Box

Clear Plastic Craft Organizer Box

Source: Clear Plastic Craft Organizer Box by Wool and Wheel

There are lots of clear plastic storage boxes and this one is most ideal for storing small embroidery floss. Each section provides ample space for 8-10 thread stashes. Perfect way to stay color-coded as well.

5. Store Embroidery Floss in Colored Bags

Store Embroidery Floss in Colored Bags

Source: Store Embroidery Floss in Colored Bags by Unknown

Colored bags will not only help you color code your embroidery floss but it also provides a unique look to your thread organization.

6. Binder Storage Inserts

Binder Storage Inserts

Source: Binder Storage Inserts by DMC

These binder storage bags are made specifically for embroidery thread storage. This is a perfect storage solution if you are tight on space and would like to keep your threads in a central location.

7. Craft Stick Storage Idea

Craft Stick Storage Idea

Source: Craft Stick Storage Idea by Patchwork Pottery

Similar to clothespins, using craft sticks is another ideal way of wrapping and storying embroidery floss. This makes it easy to transport and house together, like in a medium glass jar pictured above.

Solutions for Storing A Lot of Thread

If your embroidery stash is taking over your craft space, check out these solutions when needing to store a lot of thread.

1. Use a Jewelry Tower for Storage

Use a Jewelry Tower for Storage

Source: Use a Jewelry Tower for Storage by Ellie’s Homemade Home

Anything that has been designed for small items can almost always be used by crafters to store small supplies. In this case, the drawers are a perfect shape and size for storing your embroidery thread.

2. Store Embroidery on Rings

Store Embroidery on Rings

Source: Store Embroidery on Rings by Ms Cleaver

Here’s another braid storage solution, except this time they are placed on a ring to keep them together. The idea is to make sure you braid the floss and use the insert so you know the hex code and help keep the threads separated.

3. Place Embroidery Floss on Large Pins

Place Embroidery Floss on Large Pins

Source: Place Embroidery Floss on Large Pins by Charlotte Kan

A beautiful and chic way to store your embroidery floss is to use a large safety pin, especially if you have multiples of the same color.

4. Easy Ziploc Bag Storage Solution

Easy Ziploc Bag Storage Solution

Source: Easy Ziploc Bag Storage Solution by PDX Stitch

You can never go wrong using Ziploc bags for storage purposes. You’re able to choose the exact size you need and this case, small to medium-sized bags are ideal for thread storage and then for placing inside another storage container like a plastic tote.

5.  Floss Away Bags

Floss Away Bags

Source: Floss Away Bags by Amazon

These Floss Away bags can be purchased on Amazon. They are much like ordinary Ziploc bags except they come with a hole for storage and a sticker tag for labeling.

6. Mason Jar Storage Idea

Mason Jar Storage Idea

Source: Mason Jar Storage Idea by Home Talk

Whether you’ve decided to keep your embroidery floss on rolls or wrap them some other way, storing them in mason jars is ideal for both organization and space.

7. Photo Storage Containers

Photo Storage Containers

Source: Photo Storage Containers by Wild Olive

Photo boxes are another clever way to store your embroidery threads by color, size, and the like. They may begin to take up a bit of space but there are other solutions for that was well.


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