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How to throw a fun winter-themed party, complete with a dollar store hot cocoa bar and fun winter kids craft.

How to throw a fun winter-themed party, complete with a dollar store hot cocoa bar and fun winter kids craft.

We recently invited a handful of kindergarten friends over for a winter movie and hot cocoa party. It was a bit crazy, but we had a blast. I think I may make this an annual tradition.

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Watch the video below for ALL of the details, and learn how to set up your own hot cocoa bar with dollar store supplies:

Supplies for my Dollar Store Hot Cocoa Bar:

I started with a trip to the dollar store for supplies. I had a leftover roll of Christmas wrapping paper. We also bought:

  • little plastic silver spoons, a plastic tablecloth, paper doilies, decorative glass jars, paper cups and napkins, Styrofoam trays (for serving dinner to the kiddos), as well as cookies for hot cocoa topping.
  • We also used: hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, a crock pot, and a black paint pen we already had at home.
  • For the craft, you’ll need: shrink film paper, key chain rings, sharpie markers, and a roll of plain paper to protect your work surface
  • For dinner, we served mini corn dogs, tater tots, and cut up fruit, all purchased at Sam’s Club.

Setting up a Hot Chocolate Bar:

I started by hanging gift wrap along a wall in our dining room, just using regular masking tape. Photo credit here goes out to my 6yo son, who is always happy to help me take blog photos.

Then I set a little media cabinet in front of the wall, covering it first with a plastic tablecloth and paper doilies, and then with all of our hot cocoa bar essentials.

Of course, there was the hot cocoa. I heated the cocoa in a crock pot, and then served it with a ladle. For toppings, we had: whipped topping, crushed oreos, mini marshmallows, chocolate sprinkes, and cookie sticks.

To make serving easier, and to keep the kids from losing their cups, I labeled each paper cup beforehand using a black paint pen.

Shrink Film Hot Cocoa Craft

We also made a hot chocolate-themed craft, skrinky dink keychains. I took sheets of shrink film paper, and divided them into six squares. Using a black sharpie, I drew the outline of a hot cocoa mug. Then during the party, each kid colored in their own mug. While they were eating dinner, I punched holes in each mug and popped them into the oven to shrink. We attached each mug to a key ring, and the kids all went home with a new keychain.


All-told, this was a fun way to spend a winter evening, without too much fuss or expense.



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