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Transform a simple dollar store wood pumpkin sign & tin adhesive wall tile into a beautiful piece of fall decor: a DIY pumpkin cutout stand.

DIY pumpkin cutout stand with adhesive faux tin wall tile

A romantic green and white fall craft – all made with Dollar Tree supplies

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Embrace the fall spirit, and make this stunning decoration in neutral and muted tones. The good news is it this fall decor piece only looks expensive. It’s actually made with a simple dollar store wood pumpkin cutout and faux tin wall tile.

make a fall craft with dollar store faux tin tile and wood pumpkin cutout

This fall craft is both fun and cost-effective!

Video Tutorial

Watch this quick video to see how this craft came together:

dollar store craft DIY mini pumpkin sign stand

DIY Pumpkin Cutout Stand

Yield: 1 pumpkin stand
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Transform a simple dollar store wood pumpkin sign & tin adhesive wall tile into a beautiful piece of fall decor: a DIY pumpkin cutout stand.


  • Dollar Store Wood Pumpkin Cutout
  • Dollar Store Faux Tin Adhesive Wall Tile
  • Printer Paper, 1 sheet
  • Sharpie marker
  • E6000 glue or Aleene’s tacky glue, and Wood Glue
  • Light Green Chalk Paint
  • Taupe Chalk Paint
  • Dark Green Chalk Paint
  • Scrap Wood, you can buy at Dollar Tree or cut your own
  • Chiffon Ribbon
  • Faux Leaves & Berries



  1. Watch the video tutorial before you begin, and let that be your visual guide for this project.
  2. Prepare your pumpkin cutout. Neatly remove the topper that usually comes with the wood pumpkin cutout. Once removed, scrape away and remaining hot glue marks using a pen blade.
  3. Trace the sections of the pumpkin to make a template. Press a piece of printer paper on top of the pumpkin cutout. Using your fingers, make a crease to trace the sections. Do the middle section first then repeat it for the side section. Since the sides mirror each other, you only have to make two templates overall. lay a piece of paper over the wood pumpkin to make a template
  4. Prepare your faux tin tile. Peel away both the clear and adhesive layers on the back of your faux tin tile. Lay your paper templates on the back. Carefully trace the patterns with a Sharpie marker. trace paper template onto back ot faux tin tile piece
  5. Cut and paste the faux tin tile. Once your patterns are ready, cut them with a pair of scissors, just inside the Sharpie line. Paste the tile pieces on top of the pumpkin cutout using E6000 glue. It’s important to avoid using hot glue as it will melt the tile pieces.
  6. Paint and decorate. With chalk paint and brush, paint and decorate the pumpkin to your liking. I used a regular flat paintbrush and light green chalk paint give the cutout a nice base coat. For the tile pieces, I changed my flat paintbrush to a pouncer brush and continued painting. This prevents leaving obvious brush marks.
  7. Prepare your scrap wood. Use any kind of scrap wood and paint it with a layer of light green chalk paint.
  8. Distress the pumpkin. Use a half-inch square piece of a clean dish sponge and dab it into taupe chalk paint. Tap off any excess paint, and then lightly brush over the surface of the pumpkin and wood stand. Then repeat with the dark green chalk paint. Continue layering paint until you achieve the desired finish you like. distress pumpkin with dark green paint on a small piece of sponge
  9. Assemble your pumpkin stand. Stick the lower part of your pumpkin cutout to the wood scrap using wood glue. If you’re like me who needs more assurance that the piece won’t randomly fall off, hammer it with two nails.
  10. Decorate your pumpkin stand. After this, you can add whatever embellishments you like. I personally used a chiffon ribbon and tied a simple bow around the stem. I also attached sprigs of leaves and white berries to the scrap wood using hot glue. hot glue faux leaves and berries to the sign

the finished DIY pumpkin cutout stand

dollar store craft DIY mini pumpkin sign stand

P.S. This tin tile pumpkin stand is pictured next to my simple mini pumpkin dollar store wreath. Don’t they look so cute together! I love how the greens and whites pair with each other.

And now you have a fall DIY craft that doesn’t break the bank. Stay cozy, crafty friends!

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