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Do you know someone who is always cold? Check out these fabulous cozy gifts that are sure to bring joy and keep their recipients warm all winter.
Gifts for peopple who are always cold - the perfect cozy gift ideas to keep warm all winter long

Brrr! It’s cold outside. Keep warm with these cozy gift giving ideas.

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Top Cozy Gifts

These luxurious gift ideas are sure to help anyone keep cozy throughout a cold winter.

Gifts like warm weather accessories or another (among many) throw or cozy scarf are both necessary and a bit luxurious when you live up north.  These gifts will bring joy to their recipients as they stay cozy and warm all winter long.

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Winter Gifts for the Commuter

  • Electric Hand Warmer – Cold mornings spent waiting for the bus or for your car to warm up can be brutal. An electric hand warmer will keep hands warm and toasty.
  • Zippo also has a hand warmer that uses oil, if you don’t want to worry about changing another device.
  • Heated Car Blanket – Those of you who live in colder climates (Minnesota girl here!) know exactly how miserable it can be to sit in a cold car in the morning.

Good Old Fashioned Heating Pads (with a luxurious twist)

For the Office

  • Mini Space Heater – this low wattage mini heater is a great buy for that office mate who is always shivering at their desk.
  • Luxurious Cashmere Wrap – This is definitely a splurge piece, but it’s definitely a little bit of luxury sure to make anyone feel a little extra cozy – especially when they’re freezing in an office. I love blanket wraps, you wan wear them for quick in and out errands, and you can fold them over your lap like a blanket. So versatile!
  • For a more affordable option, check out this wrap. I actually own this one, and I keep it at my desk all winter long.

Cozy Warm Beverages and Mugs

  • Heated Coffee Mug – for that stay-at-home mom who never gets to drink her coffee while it’s still hot. Save her countless trips back to the microwave with a heated coffee mug.

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Cozy Clothing Items

  • Fold-Over Gloves – wear them two ways, perfect for layering and with wider sleeve sweaters and jackets.
  • Fleece-Lined Socks – Yes, these definitely fall into the “splurge category” but people who own these socks swear by them.
  • Sweater Joggers – I just purchased my first pair, and these are a total game-changer for the winter months. I may never take them off!


Cozy Fireside Accessories

  • Faux Fur Throw – There is something absolutely transformative about snuggling beneath the weight of the softest faux fur blanket. No winter movie night is complete without a cozy blanket. This throw is one of those little luxuries that many women like me wouldn’t splurge on for themselves. But if received as a gift, it would probably be used every day!


All of the best winter gift ideas:



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Do you know someone who is always cold? Check out these fabulous cozy gifts that are sure to bring joy and keep their recipients warm all winter.

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