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Try something other than basic black, and use ANY color chalkboard paint to make a custom chalkboard in any custom color of your choosing.

DIY Chalkboard Wall in ANY Color - Try something other than basic black, and use ANY color chalkboard paint to make a custom chalkboard in any custom color of your choosing.

Grab your paint roller, because today we’re making a GIANT chalkboard wall in ANY custom color you like.

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Kids Playroom Artroom with giant navy blue chalkboard wall

Today I’m sharing a fun new DIY home decor project that I should have done a LONG time ago – a giant chalkboard wall in a custom color. Black chalkboard paint is one of my favorite craft supplies – you can pretty much paint anything. But why be limited to just black, when you can paint a custom chalkboard in literally any color?

My Secret? ANY Color Chalkboard Paint

Want to see how it’s done? Watch this video below:

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DIY Chalkboard in ANY Color Grab your paint roller, because today we're making a GIANT chalkboard wall in ANY custom color you like.

Video Transcript:

I originally discovered this technique when I made this magnetic chalkboard for my kids in a bright and fun coral color – I’ll link to that project below. This time, I decided to use navy blue paint to better coordinate with our home’s decor.

Start by clearing a wall – fill any nail holes if needed. Wipe down the wall if it’s dusty or dirty. Then tape off a giant rectangle – whatever size you like. I just use regular old blue painter’s tape. Grab a large level to make sure you are making perfectly level tape lines. I also went pretty large on this one, just because we had the space, and I want my kids and their friends to have plenty of space to create.

When that’s finished, grab a roller and apply a coat of primer. This is an optional step. I just did it because I was using low-quality paint sample paint on top of a wall that was painted before the previous owners lived. here.

Then it’s time for your color. Like I said, I went with navy – this one in particular is called Naval by Sherwin Williams. This is the same color that I used on our bathroom vanity update, and it’s one of my favorite nave paint colors. The people at Sherwin Williams agree, because they just announced that Naval will be their 2020 color of the year.

I used a foam roller to get the smoothest coverage. Since I used such a dark, color, I needed to apply three coats – allowing the paint to dry between coats.

Now for the magic. How do you turn this painted rectangle into a chalkboard? Rustoleum makes clear chalkboard paint. It goes on kind of like white craft glue – a bit opaque. Then it turns clear as it dries. This allows your custom color underneath to show through. You will want to use 2-3 coats of the chalkboard paint to get complete coverage. Peel off the tape at an angle while your final coat of chalkboard paint is still a bit tacky and not fully dried.

I let everything dry overnight before building my chalkboard frame.

Go to your local hardware store and buy enough casing to completely surround your chalkboard. If you buy the pre-primed stuff, you just need to add two coats of trim paint before installing. I used Sherwin Williams paint in “pure white” since that’s what I have used in other areas of my home.

Use a level to make sure your white trim is straight and even, then secure each board to the wall with 5-7 nails. A nail gun came in pretty handy here, but you could easily use a hammer and nails.

I opted for this style of frame, since no miter cuts were required.

Then you will need a piece of cove trim cut to the width of the inside of your chalkboard. You will actually install the trim backwards, this way it creates a little lip for pieces of chalk to sit in. I just secured the trim with wood glue, and held it in place with painters tape until the glue dried.

Wait a full three days before using your new chalkboard. Also, be sure to season the board. Rub the side of a piece of chalk over the whole board, and then wipe away excess with a clean, dry cloth. This will allow you to erase chalk art easier, without leaving a shadow of the old image behind.

That’s it. A new giant chalkboard wall that matches the paint color theme of the rest of the house, and my kids love it.

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