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Getting your home and life organized comes with some unexpected rewards. Here are 5 surprising benefits of organizing.

Getting your home and life organized comes with some unexpected rewards. Here are 5 surprising benefits of organizing.

Spending the time and effort to get organized is important… here’s why.

Organizing can be a time-consuming and daunting process. You may not know where to begin, or you may not think that devoting the time is a top priority.

Well, if you need a little motivation to tackle that pile of clutter, keep reading. Here are 5 reasons to make getting organized #1 on your to do list.

5 Surprising Benefits of Organizing

1 – Cleaning your house just got easier

Think about how much time you spend cleaning your home. Now, how much of that time is actually spent cleaning and how much is spent just putting stuff away?

Wiping down my kitchen counters and sink *should* be a 2-minute task, but it often takes 10-times as long. Why? Because our kitchen is where clutter gathers – bags from errands, things that need to be put away from those errands, kids school folders and paperwork. It all gravitates towards our counters.

This is an extreme example, but the next time you do your house cleaning, think about all the time you would save if things had an assigned space and were out of the way.

2- You waste less money

How often do you buy something, only to realize later that you already had another one at home that you just couldn’t find?

Having an organized pantry and fridge helps reduce food waste, because you know what have in stock and can be more aware of using items before they go bad.

3 – You save time

How much time do you spend rushing to get out the door, while looking for SOMETHING that you absolutely NEED right NOW.

Enough said.

This has been a HUGE time-suck for me with DIY home projects. Before I set up a work bench in our basement, I was spent more time looking for the right tools than I did on the actual project – or at least that’s what it felt like!

4 – Being organized makes you healthier

Better sleep. Reduced stress. Boost in energy. These are just some of the health benefits that can result from getting organized.

Personally, I really struggle to be productive when I’m surrounded by clutter or a chaotic environment. If I have a big project to work on, the first thing I do is de-clutter my office and craft desk.

And I could write a novel on the mental tax that we pay for clutter. Clutter is basically a constant reminder of your “to-do” list, and you can never turn it “off”. Talk about stressful.

5 – Having company or house guests is WAY less stressful

I HATE having someone come over when my house is a mess. The thought of having someone pop over unexpectedly and seeing my clutter gives me genuine anxiety.

When you get organized, you can enjoy the company of your house guests, instead of stressing about picking up.

In fact, I often plan a get-together or invite people to visit soon after I start a big house project. Then I have motivation to finish the house project and get things back in order before company arrives.

Ready to Jump Start your Organizing Efforts?

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